Strength Training Benefits in Cancer Cachexia

Cachexia is the loss of muscle tissue that can occur in people fighting cancer

Loss of body weight can be serious...and contribute to issues that make it hard on a person's day-to-day living.

Resistance exercises are ideal for increasing and maintaining muscle, which is the main goal when dealing with cachexia.

Here's what the research says...

• "Early engagement in physical activity is the key to managing cancer cachexia."

• "Different studies have emphasized that a single therapy may not be completely successful in the treatment of cachexia."

• "Considering the maintenance of muscle mass as the primary goal to be achieved in cachexia, resistance rather than endurance exercise appears to be preferred."

Making resistance exercises a regular part of your exercise program is one of the best ways to achieve long-term wellness and maintenance of your body weight. 

Here's more on this research: